Lost Love: A True Story of Passion, Murder and Justice in Old New York
by George Cooper




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In 1869 America was recovering from the devastation of the Civil War. But a love story and its violent outcome in New York upstaged all else in newspapers across the country. Abby Sage, a beautiful actress, suffered through and finally escaped from an abusive marriage when her jealous ex-husband murdered her alleged lover - acclaimed Civil War journalist Albert Deane Richardson in the lobby of the New York Tribune. The ensuing trial captivated the imagination of America and began a fiery debate about the sanctity of marriage and the rights of women.

Lost Love brings this celebrated but forgotten case to life. With the eye of a journalist and the heart of a novelist, George Cooper weaves newspaper accounts, trial transcripts, period illustrations, and letters written by the lovers into an irresistible narrative. The story sweeps from the war-torn South to the new Western frontier, from small-town New England to the drawing rooms of New York's aristocracy. Cooper also introduces us to some of the most notable figures of the day - Horace Greeley, Edwin Booth, and Henry Ward Beecher among them - for Abby and Albert's lives and the tragedy of their love touched people far and wide.

Lost Love vividly rekindles the passion of a love affair more than a century old as it captures the smoldering fervor of America's "age of innocence" - when marriage was still held sacred but the flames of free love and the rise of feminism could be seen just over the horizon.

"Cooper tells this story skillfully, weaving together courtroom testimony with press reports, letters and news dispatches. He keeps a quiet, consistent focus on the sad human drama at the heart of the scandal." -- Allen Boyer, The New York Times Book Review

"vivid personalities become the basis of a near-operatic, true-life tale... handled with Victorian delicacy." -- Herbert Mitgang, The New York Times (Daily Review)

"A piece of real Americana and thoroughly fascinating... I loved it." -- Marion Zimmer Bradley

"Cooper has done a superb job...a striking social history with the suspense, magnetism, and broad appeal of a novel." -- Booklist

"History at its best -- dramatic, riveting, and heart-rending." -- Doris Kearns Goodwin

"Lost Love is a true and fascinating story of a great Civil War romance. Smooth and clever in its weaving of the tale, it is scrupulous in attending to the truth." -- Judith Rossner

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